PSL Schedule of Freight

Corporate Consumables (printer consumables): $3.50
Cafe Prima Coffee: $5.00
Fax, Receipt or EFTPOS Rolls, A4 & A5 Paper, NCR Printer Ribbons: $5.00
Dove products - computer accesories, Kyocera cartridges, etc.: $5.00
First Aid Kits: $5.00
Dispensary Equipment (if order is less than $100): $6.00
Pan Pacific Wrapping Paper: $9.00
Patient Information Labels (PILs): $3.50, order 2 or more PIL's and freight is free

Dispensary Labels

15,000 labels $15.00
25,000 labels $25.00
50,000 labels $30.00
100,000 labels $30.00
150,000 labels $30.00
200,000 labels $30.00

Freight is charged at $1 per thousand up to maximum of $30.00

Freight on Uniforms

Freight cost id dependent on locattion
North Island
Small parcel: $7.40
Large parcel: $8.60
South Island
Small parcel: $13.70
Large parcel: up to $20.00

Freight at Cost

Fridges, safes, paper carry bags and Heat in a Click: these products have freight charges that depend on the weight and distance they will travel. These charges will be passed on at cost and will be included on invoice.

Important Note

Although you may appear to be charged freight for every product when ordering online, you will only be charged freight per supplier when the order is processed. We also currently do not have a way to account for our freight promotions (ex. Buy 18 bottles of Shott and receive your order freight free) online, but we will account for those when processing your order.