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What is GuildLink?

As a community pharmacist, it can be difficult balancing the demands of running a business, complying with regulatory requirements and providing quality healthcare to your patients. This is where GuildLink® can help you. GuildLink® is a computer programme that manages your paper work and saves you time and energy.


What does AuditLink do?

AuditLink® is the first module of GuildLink®.

AuditLink® will provide you with a tool to manage standard operating procedures (SOPs), job descriptions, dispensing errors, policies and staff training. AuditLink® is a desktop application that:

  • provides you with a complete set of templates for standard operating procedures, with regular automatic updates
  • is easily implemented on your existing computer system
  • manages your pharmacy policies
  • records and manages dispensing errors
  • provides you with sample job descriptions
  • manages staff training
  • helps you meet your pharmacy audit requirements.

The purpose of the AuditLink® programme is to prompt staff to carry out regular activity as part of enforcing and implementing your pharmacy policies and procedures.

Through this system, these activities can be recorded to demonstrate that you and your staff are actively managing these processes, rather than simply filling out paperwork to comply with audit requirements. 

AuditLink® helps you manage your policies and keep your SOPs up-to-date through a single, uncomplicated system. It lets you:

  • incorporate your regulatory requirements into your everyday practice
  • set regular reminders for updating your policies and standard operating procedures
  • spread your regulatory workload throughout the year so that you keep on top of your paperwork
  • assign SOPs to your staff members for updating
  • set regular tasks for your staff, such as refrigerator temperature checks and controlled drugs reconciliation
  • generate customised reports on your SOPs, dispensing errors and pharmacy policies
  • generate customised staff reports
  • retrieve your SOPs, policies and job descriptions easily
  • download new and updated SOPs with the click of a button
  • print your documents effortlessly
  • demonstrate you are continually improving your pharmacy practice and the quality of your service to patients.

How much does it Cost?

GuildLink® is available now to Guild members and non members and includes its first module, AuditLink. Members receive a special discounted rate.
1. Guild member and a Pharmacybrands Ltd (PBL) member:
$250 for the first year; and $120 per annum for each subsequent year
2. A Guild member and not a PBL member:
$250 for the first year; and $120 per annum for each subsequent year
3. A PBL member and not a Guild member:
$1,000 for the first year; and $500 per annum for each subsequent year
4. Neither a Guild member nor a PBL member:
$2,000 for the first year; and $750 per annum for each subsequent year

Reduced fees for multiple sites in linked ownership:

Up to five sites: The first site’s fee is $250 for the first year and the remaining sites’ fee is $200 each.
More than five sites: The first site’s fee is $250 for the first year and the remaining sites’ fee is $150 each.
Please note that the reduced fees for multiple sites in linked ownership only apply when all of the sites subscribe to AuditLink® no later than six months from the date of first site’s subscription.

How do you find out more?

If you would like to know more about GuildLink® and how it can work for you, please contact Nicole Rickman at or 04 802 8217.

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How can you order?

You can purchase GuildLink by clicking on the "Purchase" button below or by downloading the order form here and faxing it to PSL on 0800 748 453.


Technical details

GuildLink® is a computer software programme that can be loaded on to either a stand-alone computer or a network of computers. A network installation is more complex and you may require assistance from your networking specialist.

GuildLink® requires Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. Please click here for further technical requirements.

GuildLink® help

GuildLink® is reasonably straight forward to install and use. It has a built-in help guide that can be accessed by pressing F1 at any time while you are in the programme.

If you would like technical support or would like to have the programme installed for you (especially if you are loading it on to a network), the GuildLink® software developer offers a technical support service and help desk. For pricing and further details about these services, please click here.

If you have already purchased GuildLink® you can download a list of frequently asked questions here.