PSL Waste Disposal Service

PSL provides a waste disposal service for pharmacies throughout New Zealand. The service is available for the disposal of solid dose forms and small volume liquids which are in secure containers.

It should be noted that this is not suitable for the destruction or disposal of controlled drugs or sharps for which there is a separate standard operating procedure.

Bay of Plenty & Tairawhiti Pharmacies

These DHB areas have contracts with PSL to provide Waste Disposal services for pharmacies within the DHB region. Please contact PSL through the "Contact Us" area of the website to order a waste disposal pack.

All other area pharmacies

You may still order Waste Disposal services through PSL at a cost. Please search for product code WASTE for details.


Nexus Data Security

PSL has a relationship with Nexus Data Security to provide back-up services to our pharmacies at a reasonable rate.

Typically, pharmacies have relatively small amounts of information to backup. However, it is critical that it is encrypted and secured offsite to prevent misappropriation of the information. As well as names, addresses and phone numbers of your patients, your computer data also contains their prescription information. This information should never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.
Nexus supports all pharmacy software including:

  • Toniq Dispensary & Retail 
  • L.O.T.S. Dispensary & Retail 
  • MYOB, Quicken (+others) 
  • Microsoft SQL Database 
  • Files and Documents 
  • Emails 

Online Backup. Secure, Automatic, Offsite
Nexus automatically backs up all of the computers in your office. It encrypts the information and transfers it securely to the Nexus Data Centre using your existing broadband Internet connection. Nexus works while you are sleeping, so you can sleep easy.

Nexus can securely and automatically back up:

  • All file types (PC, Linux and Mac) 
  • Files in use 
  • Emails 
  • Databases 
  • System State 
  • Servers and PC's 

Data Compression and In-File Delta Technology is used to streamline backups and reduce the amount of data transferred over your Internet connection. Nexus can backup many databases and applications including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Small Business Server and Domino.

Your Data Security

When we install the Nexus Backup system on your computer(s) we configure it to copy all your important data from your computer to a remote server. Our software takes advantage of new technologies that allow files to be copied even if they are in use.
High Level Encryption

Before your data is sent to our server the following security measures take place.

  • Your data is compressed (zipped). 
  • Your data is then locked & encrypted. 

Not even we can access your data stored on our backup server without the password you choose.

Secure Transfer of Data

Once your data is encrypted it is transferred to our remote server via SSL. This is a secure file transfer protocol with the same level of encryption used by Banks and e-commerce websites.

Managed Firewall

In addition to the above security measures, our Servers are located behind a managed Firewall. By the time your data is stored on our servers it will be safer than it is on your own computer.


Your backups are continually monitored, and in the event we do not receive a scheduled backup, you will be notified.

Easy Data Retrieval

You have access to your backed up data 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In the event you need to restore your data you can easily download and restore individual files or groups of files. What people are saying about Nexus Data 

King Medicine Management

Nexus provides me with secure computer backup for my three pharmacies. Setup was painless and it is very easy to use. It is comforting to know that I can rely on a system that does not depend on intervention from me or my staff.

Mary King King Medicine Management, Linwood Dispensary Eastgate Unichem Pharmacy

Kaiapoi Pharmacy

The Nexus System is excellent; I believe every pharmacy should be backing up like this.

Peter Hobill, Kaiapoi Pharmacy

Health 2000 Avonhead, Barrington & Guthrey Centre

I have total peace of mind that my Toniq data is correctly backed up offsite without relying on my staff to do it. The daily reporting confirms my backups actually happen, unlike when I used to backup to pen drive. I have found the Nexus system so good I had it installed in all my stores. 

David Guthrey, Health 2000 Avonhead, Barrington & Guthrey Centre

Contact Nexus

To contact Nexus about more information, pricing plans and how they can help your business use the following details: Phone number: 0800 14 11 14